The Constructive Rest/Semi-Supine Resting Position

Lying on the floor in constructive rest for just 15-20 minutes a day is one of the best things you can do to re-tune and recalibrate the body. It is an important part of learning the Alexander Technique and forms part of your "homework". The sequence explained here, is included in an Alexander Technique Lesson. In The Alexander Technique this is known as semi-supine, the balance resting state, constructive rest or just plain lying down. We would usually qualify this with "work" (as in "lying down work").

Benefits of constructive rest:

Alexander Technique Constructive Rest

How to Do Alexander Technique Constructive Rest

What Should I Be Thinking About?

Benefits of Constructive Rest

The semi-supine position is the hallmark of The Alexander Technique. It involves your active participation, but you do not need to interfere with what is going on. Both back pain & neck pain can respond very positively to regular constructive rest. By learning to cooperate with gravity in this position, the idea is that when you move into the upright, some of that length & width will come with you. Eventually, this new lengthened and widened posture will become more familiar.