I spent over a decade working in NHS management before deciding to train as an Alexander Technique Teacher. Working mainly with computers, I realised I was spending far too much time hunched over a desk, restricting my breathing and generally using myself badly.

Back pain and neck pain were a regular feature of my life, and after submitting myself to multiple treatments it became apparent that the same issues just kept returning. I was determined to figure this out for myself, since all these therapies were costing me a fortune, and none had the lasting effects I desired. I chanced upon a description of the Alexander Technique and instantly warmed to the idea of doing something for myself, rather than having something done to me. My first lesson was revelatory, I knew I had found the solution. No more being manipulated, manhandled and contorted in the name of "treatment"!

After many, many lessons I still wanted to learn more, so I decided to train as a teacher. I completed my training at The Constructive Teaching Centre in West London. The school was operated as a centre of excellence by Walter Carrington, who was FM Alexander's right-hand man.

STAT Qualified Alexander Teachers have undergone at least a 3 year, full time course of study at a STAT recognised school.

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