Alexander Technique Lesson

What Happens in an Alexander Technique Lesson?

During your lesson there will be minimal movement. There are no "Alexander Technique exercises". Discomfort is rather unlikely. We examine simple movements (such as sitting to standing) and how these can be accomplished using less effort, employing your innate balance and poise. Some time will also be spent on the table exploring “constructive rest” which gently allows gravity to realign and reintegrate the spine. Throughout the lesson, support is provided by highly skilled, subtle hands-on guidance.

You will not be required to remove any clothes, just your shoes. Ladies are requested to wear trousers. You will not be asked to do anything that takes you out of your comfort zone. There is no hierarchy of a doctor – patient relationship, it is more like a teacher - pupil relationship. These lessons involve a high degree of co-operation between the client and practitioner. Your role is be attentive to what is going on inside yourself as we gently adjust your balance and coordination. This will hopefully give you the trademark lightness of an Alexander Technique lesson, and you will leave feeling taller, more relaxed and free of the tensions that have been pulling you down.