Alexander Technique and Hearing Loss at City Lit in Central London

Unfortunately, due to COVID-19 restrictions, the classes arranged for May 2021 were cancelled. However, the plan is to continue offering these one-day workshops at City Lit in London in due course, so please check back. These classes have specialised hearing equipment available to ensure that nothing is missed by attendees. The course addresses specific issues regarding hearing loss.

Most commonly known as an intervention for back or neck pain, the technique can also be useful in improving balance and posture, as well as alleviating stress. In addition, it can also help with underlying issues concerning confidence in social situations, improving attentiveness (useful when lipreading) and identifying postural twists when straining to hear.

An assistive hearing induction loop system is available on the day. These courses are not currently delivered in BSL (British Sign Language).

If you have a hearing loss and are interested in learning how to apply the Alexander Technique, please get in touch to discuss.

Courses are held at: City Lit, 1-10 Keeley Street, Covent Garden, London, WC2B 4BA

Students may also be interested in having Lipreading Lessons Online.

Contact: Email or call on 0208 878 3929 call/text me on 07980 613281