Alexander Technique Benefits

Generally, people come to see an Alexander Technique Teacher for one or more of the following reasons...

  • > To reduce stress and tension
  • > To improve posture and poise
  • > To obtain more energy
  • > To improve balance
  • > To get relief from back pain and/or neck pain
  • > To improve general awareness
  • > To improve breathing
  • > To reduce anxiety
  • > To help with day-to-day movement
  • > To improve vocal control
  • ... or just to feel better

However, I may be able to help with specific issues, so do feel free to contact me to discuss.

Pain Relief

Pain is a great motivator. The Alexander Technique is an increasingly popular and well-documented intervention for back pain, and many other kinds of discomfort. The Alexander Technique is now recognised and recommended by many within the medical establishment. Some hospitals and clinics have Alexander Teachers working alongside clinicians, particularly in pain relief clinics. This multi disciplinary approach is becoming more common. The NHS and the medical establishment is beginning to embrace the old adage that "Prevention is better than the cure!"


When taking part in a sport or an active pastime, it is important to use yourself to your full potential while minimising the risk of injury. The increased stature and expansion that the Alexander Technique can give you means that you can find that little bit extra when it counts the most. The Technique can really help you get into "The Zone". Famous sportspeople who advocate the Alexander Technique include Daley Thompson, John McEnroe and Matthew Pinsent.


The Alexander Technique has been widely used by performance artists (actors, dancers, singers, musicians) since its inception over 100 years ago. The originator, FM Alexander was an actor who needed to find out why he kept losing his voice. The Alexander Technique is taught in virtually all performing arts schools in the UK, and many schools abroad. Performers can learn how to obtain that all elusive "stage presence" and how to truly take command of the stage and the audience. The Alexander Technique is also extremely popular with musicians, who report greater harmony with their instrument, whilst experiencing less discomfort whilst playing. With vocalists the voice gains greater power, clarity and range. Famous performers who advocate the Alexander Technique include Yehudi Menuhin, John Cleese, Jamie Lee Curtis and Sir Paul McCartney.