Back Pain and Neck Pain

Most people discover the Alexander Technique as a consequence of back pain or neck pain. This covers a multitude of specific complaints, all of which can cause misery and suffering to the individual. By learning what it is you are doing that may be causing the pain, you can take ownership of the problem. You can then make great strides in improving your life for yourself.

The Alexander Technique is now proven to benefit people with chronic neck pain. Read more about the research: Alexander Technique and Chronic Neck Pain

The NHS are starting to realise that this preventative approach is the way forward. The Alexander Technique is distinct from other interventions, as the client is ultimately in charge of what they get out of it. Pain is a great motivator to learning the Alexander Technique , and many people find their way to it after having tried everything else they can think of. The unique approach of learning for yourself puts you in charge.

Large scale trials by the Medical Research Council, published as the front page story in the British Medical Journal (and widely covered in the national press), concluded that:

"One to one lessons in the Alexander Technique from registered teachers have long term benefits for patients with chronic back pain."*

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To read full clinical details about the trial, follow the British Medical Journal link ...or you can watch a short film about the research by clicking on the images below.